Amendment of information on transactions by a person discharging managerial responsibilities, received pursuant to Article 19(1) MAR

  • Report: 10/2022
  • Date of publication:11.04.2022 / 17:39
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The Management Board of Unimot S.A., with its registered office in Zawadzkie (the “Company”, the “Issuer”), announces that it has received an amendment to the notification on transactions in the Issuer’s shares, sent pursuant to Article 19(1) of the MAR Regulation, from the person discharging managerial responsibilities, Mr Robert Brzozowski, Vice-President of the Company’s Management Board, which was notified in current report No. 10/2022 of 11 April 2022.

The reason for the amendment of the notification is the erroneously stated date of the transaction. It should read: “2022-04-08” instead of: “2022.04.11”

The content of the amended notification is attached to the current report.

Legal basis:

Article 19(3) MAR - information on transactions carried out by persons discharging managerial responsibilities.

Persons representing the Company:

Adam Sikorski, President of the Management Board