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Industrial bitumen is used by demanding manufacturers of waterproofing materials for the production of conventional and thermally welded membranes. Bitumen is the most important component of bituminous roofing materials and is characterised by its flexibility, impermeability to water, resistance to chemical influences and ageing. The use of high-quality bitumen in the production of roofing materials guarantees more favourable performance properties, such as flexibility, resistance to low and high temperatures, seepage, tensile strength (along and across the strand) and relative elongation at break.

Parameter Unit Value
Penetration at 25°C 1/10 mm 30 – 40
Softening point ºC 90 – 100
Solubility in xylene % m/m ≥ 99,0
Weight loss after heating % m/m ≤ 0,5
Flash-point ºC ≥ 250
Fracture point ºC ≤ -16
Density at 15°C g/cm3 *

*Not normalizable, value given in approvals

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