Bitumen WMA

WMA road bitumen is an innovative product on the Polish road construction market. The search for optimum solutions, a number of tests carried out and the commitment of our employees have resulted in the development of a product with special parameters and unique properties, thus setting a new quality in the production and use of bitumen.

The above-standard properties of WMA bitumen make it possible to produce mineral and bitumen mixtures that require improved workability due to the production method, climatic conditions or composition. Mineral and bitumen mixtures with WMA are particularly recommended for use when working in areas that are difficult to access, such as tunnels and underground car parks.

The use of WMA road bitumen is recommended for the production of the following mineral and bitumen mixtures:

  • mixtures produced and built in “hot-mix”
  • mixtures produced “hot-mix” and built in difficult climatic conditions or transported over long distances
  • mixtures containing bitumen granules from recycled bitumen surfaces