MODBIT Modified Bitumen

A good road surface is extremely important for at least several reasons: it guarantees the smooth movement of vehicles and the trouble-free operation of their suspension systems, increases the safety of travellers and improves the quality of life for residents. Standard bitumen is not always able to cope with these issues. That is why we offer modern modified bitumen, which has been developed to improve the country’s road construction industry.

Unusual properties of modified bitumen

The products available in our offer are distinguished by their excellent performance. They can be used to create durable bitumen concrete for bituminous layers, grit mastic and thin hot-mix wearing layers. In addition, modified bitumen is used as a binder material in poured bitumen, low-noise porous mixes and BBTM, as well as anti-fatigue and anti-crack layers. Behind this versatility are optimal technological solutions.

This is because polymer-modified bitumen is resilient and extremely durable. It extends the service life of surfaces by up to several decades, thus significantly reducing the need for complex overhauls and minor repairs. As a composite material, modified bitumen also demonstrates excellent elasticity and a wider operating temperature range. Even the hottest summers or prolonged winters will not leave the kind of marks on the surface that would occur with conventional road bitumen. The parameters of elastic recovery, penetration at 25ºC and softening point of the modified material are all ahead of conventional solutions in this field.

MODBIT bitumen effectively inhibits viscoplastic deformation, fatigue and low-temperature cracking, as well as the formation of ruts. Another advantage is the ease with which almost any surface can be made. For this reason, it finds its use in the construction of roadways as well as bridges, airports and other heavily used surfaces.

Adaptation to requirements 

Due to the different project needs of customers, our product range consists of several different polymer-modified bitumen. Details of their specifications can be found on the product sheet. Each is formulated in accordance with EN 14023:2011/Ap1:2014-04, guaranteeing high quality workmanship and safe use.

If you are interested in our range of polymer-modified bitumen, we warmly invite you to contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide more information on the products.